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Unlike regular prototypes, our P3 production prototyping allows you to develop and test your product and then use the same tools for the initial production runs.

P3 is a proprietary prototyping system developed by PTI Engineered Plastics and available through Miles Products. It allows customers to combine the speed and flexibility needed for the product development phase with the capabilities, skills and consistency required to take the parts or components into the production stage.

Normal prototyping only goes so far. It is fine if you just need a scale model of your part.

With P3 the same tool used to make the injection molded prototypes can also be used for initial production runs, bridge tooling and low volume production. Plus, you are working with authentic injection molded parts instead of just models. This allows for testing and validation of the part and quick changes when needed during development.

When you need top quality injection molded parts, reduced time to market with the flexibility to implement changes quickly and go straight into production after testing, you need P3 instead of just a prototype part.

See more information on our injection molded prototyping and comprehensive rapid tooling capabilities on our new web page here.

Macay Hunter

Macay Hunter

An expert in plastics manufacturing, Macay works with engineers and supply chain managers during the planning, design and implementation stages of their molded plastic productions.