About Miles Products

History and Service

Miles Manufactured Products, Inc. represents a lineup of top manufacturing companies specializing in custom molded thermoplastics including insert molding, injection molding, structural foam and rotational molding.

Success demands strategy and teamwork. Our network and dedicated customer service can help your team develop, produce and launch the next big breakthrough.

With press sizes from 12 ton to 6750 ton, vertical machines, clean rooms and ISO registered facilities we have the solutions for your thermoplastic molding needs and opportunities.

Call 216-533-1410 or email today to learn how you can benefit from our great North American suppliers for the very best in diversified design, prototype and product manufacturing capabilities.

Customers We Serve

We’ve produced components and assemblies for products ranging from Diebold ATM machines to electronic throttle body housings for GM cars.

Suppliers to a broad range of industries from commercial trucks to healthcare equipment manufacturers Cook Medical, Ethicon and more.

Miles Products are relied upon to deliver the top quality product, solutions and service these and many other top companies demand.

We have particularly strong ties and deep experience with midwest industries including:






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All the companies we represent have corporate offices and state-of-the-art manufacturing plants located in the United States. Capsonic also has production facilities in Mexico to provide customers with the best options.

History of innovation, advanced technology, logistics, reliability – there are many advantages to manufacturing your goods here at home.

Bruce Miles headshot

Company Background

Since 1979 Bruce Miles has owned and operated the company. He has built his reputation on knowhow, service and reliability.

Always looking for the best solutions, around the year 2000, Bruce spent several years investigating Asian manufacturing sources. He discovered this approach did not provide the best answers for his customers. He decided then to continue his company’s focus on Made in USA and North American manufacturing for the great design and build it offers.

It’s been my privilege to represent several fine organizations including Capsonic Group and PTI Engineered Plastics for over 25 years. Together we work hard to ensure your orders run smoothly, on time, and on budget.

My main responsibility is sales and customer relations but I also consult on technical and financial matters. It’s is very satisfying to help you and your product be successful.

We are always looking for new challenges and opportunities and would appreciate the chance to discuss your projects.  ~Bruce Miles

Macay Hunter

Macay Hunter joined Miles Products in 2018. He brings added support to our customers as a team member working on account management and program development.

Macay received his degree from Utah State University – Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. He first began his focus on manufacturing and the thermoplastics industry while on an internship at PTI Engineered Plastics.

Now in Ohio, Macay works with engineers and supply chain managers during the planning, design and implementation stages of their molded plastic productions.

Even though Miles Products specialize in North American manufacturing and providing solutions that are made in USA, the fact that Macay speaks Korean is worth mentioning in today’s global marketplace.

Customer service and attention to detail have always been top priorities of Miles Products. Macay enables us to deliver your parts and projects even more efficiently and reliably.

Contact Macay to discuss your needs.

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