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Insert Molded Insulator Plate for GM Transmission

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Insert Molding

The Capsonic Advantage:

  • Automation Experts
  • 47 Years Service
  • Minority Owned
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Presses from 30 to 400 Ton
  • Design & Prototype

Leaders in insert molding technolgies.

Insert molding is an important process for the production of a wide variety of parts and assemblies. Inserts are made of many different materials which can withstand the plastic injection molding process. Insert materials include copper, brass or steel in forms such as metal stamping, wound coils, wires and screw machined or cold headed components. Ceramic, die castings and even plastic molded parts are also commonly used as inserts.

Since 1968 Capsonic has been a leader in insert and composite molding technologies providing product development services, prototyping and production from cutting edge facilities in Elgin, IL and Juarez, Mexico. They have a reputation for ingenuity, integrity and reliability.

Miles Products is proud to work with Capsonic to deliver our customers parts which perform as designed, on-time and on budget, regardless of complexity.

Pin Compliant Pin Technology Compliant Pin
Connector Connector Applications Connector
Leadframes Insert-Molded-Leadframe-Part Complicated
Overmolding Overmolded Applications Overmolded

Advantage #1
Simplified Manufacturing Process

Insert molding advantage:

What used to require a complex assembly can be produced in a single insert molded part saving our customers assembly time, labor and money.

The Capsonic advantage:

Capsonic offers complete custom insert molding services from design to prototyping through production.

All products and services are designed for manufacturability.

The company is equipped for high-volume production with the following:

  • High-speed reel-to-reel capabilities.
  • Fully-automatic, high-cavitation production.
  • In-line automated welding and testing.

Advantages of reel-to-reel:

Continuous Strip Molding is a process of taking reels of metal inserts and mold miniature plastic forms, in any configuration, that are blanked out and assembled to your product.

Advantages of automation:

Full in-house automation design, implementation and maintenance.

Advantage #2
Stronger, Lighter and More Reliable.

Insert molding advantage:

High performance resin composite parts are up to 70% lighter and far exceed traditional assemblies in performance and manufacturability.

The Capsonic advantage:

The entire Capsonic organization is set up to provide total quality assurance and customer service. We will help you optimize production with a focus on lean manufacturing.

Over 40 years experience in the insert molding industry.

Capsonic’s Business Units provide direct “cradle to grave” job continuity with a single dedicated team overseeing the production at every step.

  • Business Unit Manager. Leads, coordinates and continuously monitors your project team.
  • Project Engineer. Directs your job from design concept through production startup.
  • Manufacturing Engineer. Refines production processes to achieve greater efficiencies.
  • Logistics Manager. Your dedicated contact for tracking production orders and ensuring on-time delivery.
  • Quality Engineer. Designated direct contact for your parts focused on continuous improvement.

Advantage #3
Saves time and reduces costs

Insert molding advantage:

Insert Molding Advantage: Accurate  repeatable process and lower part count. Design flexibility and reliability, reduces assembly or labor costs, which translates into cost savings for our customers.

The Capsonic Advantage:

Through all phases of the project Capsonic Engineering utilizes Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) to ensure maximum efficiency in high volume production.

Reel-to-reel press operation allows a seamless transition from our manufacturing floor to yours.

In-house tool maintenance insures maximum production efficiency and tool life.

Through our extensive sourcing capabilities, we can more efficiently fulfill your requirement for close tolerances, and deliver attractive, durable, plus dimensionally stable insert molded products.

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Together, Miles Products and Capsonic can deliver the highest quality and state-of-the-art applications of insert molded parts for your products.

Phone 216.533.1410 or e-mail to discuss your projects.