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Structural foam molding is a specialized technology and important manufacturing process. Basically a form of injection molding, but structural foam and gas assisted molding allow production of much larger sized plastic parts and components that are extremely durable and weatherproof, among other key advantages.

We are happy to announce a totally redesigned and updated website that covers information on structural foam molding technology and the services we offer. Please check out the new site here.

Miles Products customers include some of America’s finest brands from a diverse list of industries from automotive to medical and business equipment to consumer home and garden products.

Bringing customers a full range of custom molded plastics services has been a top priority since our company began. We like to think that our services and the parts and components we supply have helped our customer’s succeed.

Structural foam molding is a key part of the portfolio of services we offer and our manufacturing partners are leaders in this technology. Their facilities are possibly the best in North America.  On top of this, huge investments and plant improvements are currently underway that will make our offering even greater.

Lower molding temperatures, gas-assist and multi-nozzle capabilities are just a few of the reasons that structural foam molding can produce precision pieces that other molding processes cannot. Please stop by our new website to learn more about the process and how it can benefit your products.

Macay Hunter

Macay Hunter

An expert in plastics manufacturing, Macay works with engineers and supply chain managers during the planning, design and implementation stages of their molded plastic productions.