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Trusted suppliers of
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Miles Products represents North America’s leading plastics manufacturers. We are proud of the contributions we make to the great products built by our suppliers and customers. We are honored to have some of the finest corporations and brand names as strategic partners.

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We have particularly strong ties and deep experience with midwest industries including:






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Our teams have unparalleled knowledge, facilities, technology and skills required to reliably deliver even your most challenging thermoplastic parts, components and assemblies.


Injection Molding

We offer the complete range of injection molding technology and services. Specialists in design for manufacturability.

Experts in complex plastic parts and assemblies. Highly experienced in medical, aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics and industries where precision engineered plastics are required.


Insert Molding

Insert molding combines discrete components including metal, ceramic and plastic into a single composite piece. Advantages include streamlined manufacturing plus stronger, lighter, more reliable parts and reduced costs.

We represent one of the oldest most trusted companies in insert molding technologies from design to prototype through production automation and delivery.


Structural Foam Molding

Low pressure gas-assisted plastic molding process ideal for production of large complex parts that are rugged and impervious to the elements.

Structural foam molding reduces costs, reduces weight with higher impact strength for durable industrial and commercial applications such as trucks and recreational vehicle parts, outdoor consumer products and more.


Rotational Molding

Unlike the other processes we offer, rotational molding does not use pressure to fill the mold. The tools are heated while being rotated on perpendicular axes.

This specialist manufacturing method provides unique advantages for product design and production. Hollow parts with double walls and lower tooling costs are just a few of the benefits.

Click here to see a case study on how we helped Decked produce and launch their innovative pickup truck storage systems.

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Our most important opportunity is the next project your engineers or supply chain managers entrust us with.

Please contact us at 216-533-1410 or email to discuss your new project and ongoing manufacturing needs from design and prototype through production.