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injection molding prototyping


Injection Molded Prototyping

Primary benefits include:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Implement changes quickly
  • Suitable for complex shapes
  • High tolerances
  • Tool costs competitive with typical prototype tooling
  • Acceptable for IQ, OQ, and PQ validation

When you need more than just a prototype part.

We represent PTI, industry leaders in injection molding. Team PTI are highly skilled and experienced in product design and the engineering required to develop precision tooling, injection molded protoypes and production manufacturing. This expertise led to the introduction of an exclusive injection molded rapid prototyping system known as P3.

The P3 approach allows customers to combine the speed and flexibility needed during their product development phase with the capabilities, skills and consistency required to take the parts or components into the production stage.

How P3 rapid prototyping works

Normal prototyping gives you just that, a prototype or model of your part.

With the P3 system, the same tool used to make the injection molded prototypes can also be used for initial production runs, bridge tooling and low volume production. Plus, you are working with authentic injection molded parts instead of just models. This allows your designers and engineers, along with our team, to validate the part and make quick changes needed during testing and development.


Streamlined process without limitations

The P3 process is ideal for highly detailed, high-tolerance molded products and assemblies, and gives customers a valuable alternative to ordinary rapid prototyping. It offers a no-limit tooling and manufacturing process for companies to reach their market quickly and efficiently.

In short, the process saves time and money with the added benefits of realtime validation and seamless transition from testing to production.

Plus, with Miles Products and PTI Engineered Plastics you get the service after the sale with comprehensive program management, customer sevice, fully accredited inspection labs and dedicated engineering teams.

Altogether P3 can help get your product to market faster.

Added advantages include:

  • Aluminum tools can often be used saving time and money
  • Can yield tens of thousands of shots
  • Delivers close tolerance repeatability
  • No resin or color limitations
  • Instant modeling, assembly and decorating
  • Customer suites for viewing molding and first-off samples
  • You own the tools
  • Made in United States

When you need more than just a prototype part call Miles Products.