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  • 2-shot injection molded parts

    Medical Design & Manufacturing East 2018

    2-shot injection molded parts

    Stop by our booth at Medical Design & Manufacturing East.

    June 12 – 14, 2018, Jacob K. Javits Center, New York

    Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East is one of the nations largest and longest running medtech events. This is where medical device engineers, research & development professionals and industry executive gather to see and discuss the latest innovations in the ever changing market.

    Stop by and visit Miles Products along with the team from PTI Engineered Plastics at Booth 838.


    PTI is a leading custom injection molder and manufacturer of plastic parts, components and assemblies. We offer specialist solutions specifically for the medical equipment industry. These capabilities include:

    • Medical device design
    • Injection molding for medial device applications
    • Class 8 Cleanroom molding and assembly
    • ISO 13485 Registered and Compliant
    • RJG Certified mold builder and tryout facilities
    • Cavity pressure sensing and scientific injection molding

    We’ve been serving the medical industry for more than 30 years and have delivered complex, multi-part programs for large variety of medical device manufacturers.

    We hope to see you at the event and discuss how our molding technologies can help your latest product developments.

  • Injection Molded Seringe

    Full service injection molders that offer much more than full service.

    Full service injection molders that offer
    much more than full service.

    We valued and enjoyed our recent participation at several industry events with our longtime partners at PTI. It gave us a chance to meet with customers and keep up on the always evolving world of injection molding.

    Originally named Proto-Tech Industries, PTI was founded in 1984 with a focus on functional prototyping. Since then the company has shortened its name and broadened its offerings and services.

    Plastics Machinery Magazine recently published an article highlighting the technology and skills that has made PTI Engineered Plastics the powerhouse injection molder it is today. We wanted to take this opportunity to outline these capabilities that Miles Products and team PTI deliver to the manufacturers we serve.

    From prototyping to leaders in manufacturing technologies.

    Custom molded thermoplastic prototypes continues to be a part of our portfolio of services. This has developed into a proprietary process called P3 which provides manufacturers completely functional parts that can be tested, validated and refined during product development stages.

    To further assist when needed, we have industrial designers and engineers on staff that can work with your team to help develop the very best products. This comprehensive approach comes straight from the company’s mantra ‘From mind to manufacturing’. It also allows us to deliver higher quality parts and components with speed to market.

    Using technology to stay ahead.

    To stay competitive, every year PTI invests sizable amounts of capital into the latest technology. Company executives, including plant manager and operations manager, look at the newest developments to determine the new equipment that will add the greatest value for our customers.

    A large portion of our business is in the medical industry. This requires that we meet very high standards for validation and means we are particularly focused on the developments in metrology equipment.

    Currently we have four coordinate measuring machines in our facilities and plans are underway to expand our engineering and metrology department to meet the growth expected in this technology.

    Advanced automation.

    Automation has become crucial to the injection molding industry and PTI is staying ahead with technology in this area as well. A sister company has been created which uses collaborative robots for low-volume and short runs. This allows the company to competitively reach higher levels of efficiency and demanding validation requirements for the medical and other industries.

    The use of automation extends throughout the plant from its five-axis machining center, Hermie C400, to robotics that handle parts requiring inserts and fasteners. Post-mold processes including laser marking, spin welding and machining are also specialties of PTI.

    The latest technology is being employed in the injection molding presses as well. The company currently has 50 injection molding machines ranging in size from 12 to 750 ton clamping force with shot capacities of 0.33 ounce to 98 ounce. When new machines are brought in they are electric models that replace older hydraulic presses. Electric machines improve efficiency, repeatability and cleanliness.

    High-heat molding specialists.

    Many parts needed for the medical device and automotive industries require high-heat molding. The company offers high-heat molding of resins including polyphenylene sulfide, PEEK, polyphenylsulfone and polyphthalamide. This production process is done on five injection molding presses with two of the machines in a separate dedicated area for high safety standards.

    Certified RJG mold builders.

    PTI has extensive tooling facilities and capabilities. The state-of-the-art 30,000 sq. ft. shop area produces about 600 new injection molds every year on 23 CNC vertical machining centers. The company has the capacity to be making 100 molds at one time in materials including aluminum, mild steel, hardened steels and stainless steel. Prototypes, low-volume, hybrid and production tooling are offered.

    Continuing to grow.

    This is just a brief overview of the many solutions and capabilities offered by our companies. Plus, PTI has many improvements and expansion plans underway to continue to serve our customers well into the future.

    For more detail, see the Plastics Machinery Magazine article here.

  • Automobile Engine Components

    When you need more than just a prototype part.

    When you need more than just a prototype part.

    Unlike regular prototypes, our P3 production prototyping allows you to develop and test your product and then use the same tools for the initial production runs.

    P3 is a proprietary prototyping system developed by PTI Engineered Plastics and available through Miles Products. It allows customers to combine the speed and flexibility needed for the product development phase with the capabilities, skills and consistency required to take the parts or components into the production stage.

    Normal prototyping only goes so far. It is fine if you just need a scale model of your part.

    With P3 the same tool used to make the injection molded prototypes can also be used for initial production runs, bridge tooling and low volume production. Plus, you are working with authentic injection molded parts instead of just models. This allows for testing and validation of the part and quick changes when needed during development.

    When you need top quality injection molded parts, reduced time to market with the flexibility to implement changes quickly and go straight into production after testing, you need P3 instead of just a prototype part.

    See more information on our injection molded prototyping and comprehensive rapid tooling capabilities on our new web page here.

  • Developing Skilled Workers

    Developing Skilled Workers

    PTI Engineered Plastics developed the PTI Technical Academy to help fill the shortage in skilled labor for plastics manufacturing. Mark Rathbone, the company’s CEO, created the academy to provide a pathway for students with a passion for creation to learn skills in the manufacturing industries.

    The Academy is a nine-week program where high school students learn about career opportunities in manufacturing through classes such as mold design, CNC programming, electrical discharge machining, mold maintenance, shop safety, the part design process, and engineering.

    “At the high school level, the majority of students don’t have an idea of what manufacturing is about,” explains Scott Kraemer, directing manager of the PTI Technical Academy. “There are not a lot of classes offered on what we do for a living, so we are trying to help give students ideas of what careers in plastics injection molding manufacturing are like.”

    See the academy website for more information.

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    The latest injection molding technologies

    The latest injection molding technologies.

    Miles Products is proud to have represented PTI Engineered Plastics for over 25 years. Their top-tier injection molding facilities, technology and capabilities are matched only by their total commitment to the highest quality manufacturing and customer service.

    PTI makes our job easier and our customers happier.

    Please see our new website page that highlights the breadth of injection molding services offered from design and engineering to prototyping and production.