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  • Injection Molded Seringe

    Full service injection molders that offer much more than full service.

    Full service injection molders that offer
    much more than full service.

    We valued and enjoyed our recent participation at several industry events with our longtime partners at PTI. It gave us a chance to meet with customers and keep up on the always evolving world of injection molding.

    Originally named Proto-Tech Industries, PTI was founded in 1984 with a focus on functional prototyping. Since then the company has shortened its name and broadened its offerings and services.

    Plastics Machinery Magazine recently published an article highlighting the technology and skills that has made PTI Engineered Plastics the powerhouse injection molder it is today. We wanted to take this opportunity to outline these capabilities that Miles Products and team PTI deliver to the manufacturers we serve.

    From prototyping to leaders in manufacturing technologies.

    Custom molded thermoplastic prototypes continues to be a part of our portfolio of services. This has developed into a proprietary process called P3 which provides manufacturers completely functional parts that can be tested, validated and refined during product development stages.

    To further assist when needed, we have industrial designers and engineers on staff that can work with your team to help develop the very best products. This comprehensive approach comes straight from the company’s mantra ‘From mind to manufacturing’. It also allows us to deliver higher quality parts and components with speed to market.

    Using technology to stay ahead.

    To stay competitive, every year PTI invests sizable amounts of capital into the latest technology. Company executives, including plant manager and operations manager, look at the newest developments to determine the new equipment that will add the greatest value for our customers.

    A large portion of our business is in the medical industry. This requires that we meet very high standards for validation and means we are particularly focused on the developments in metrology equipment.

    Currently we have four coordinate measuring machines in our facilities and plans are underway to expand our engineering and metrology department to meet the growth expected in this technology.

    Advanced automation.

    Automation has become crucial to the injection molding industry and PTI is staying ahead with technology in this area as well. A sister company has been created which uses collaborative robots for low-volume and short runs. This allows the company to competitively reach higher levels of efficiency and demanding validation requirements for the medical and other industries.

    The use of automation extends throughout the plant from its five-axis machining center, Hermie C400, to robotics that handle parts requiring inserts and fasteners. Post-mold processes including laser marking, spin welding and machining are also specialties of PTI.

    The latest technology is being employed in the injection molding presses as well. The company currently has 50 injection molding machines ranging in size from 12 to 750 ton clamping force with shot capacities of 0.33 ounce to 98 ounce. When new machines are brought in they are electric models that replace older hydraulic presses. Electric machines improve efficiency, repeatability and cleanliness.

    High-heat molding specialists.

    Many parts needed for the medical device and automotive industries require high-heat molding. The company offers high-heat molding of resins including polyphenylene sulfide, PEEK, polyphenylsulfone and polyphthalamide. This production process is done on five injection molding presses with two of the machines in a separate dedicated area for high safety standards.

    Certified RJG mold builders.

    PTI has extensive tooling facilities and capabilities. The state-of-the-art 30,000 sq. ft. shop area produces about 600 new injection molds every year on 23 CNC vertical machining centers. The company has the capacity to be making 100 molds at one time in materials including aluminum, mild steel, hardened steels and stainless steel. Prototypes, low-volume, hybrid and production tooling are offered.

    Continuing to grow.

    This is just a brief overview of the many solutions and capabilities offered by our companies. Plus, PTI has many improvements and expansion plans underway to continue to serve our customers well into the future.

    For more detail, see the Plastics Machinery Magazine article here.

  • Mac Mail

    How a PC guy became a Mac guy and why I’m pulling my hair out.

    How a PC guy became a Mac guy and why I’m pulling my hair out.

    After 20+ years of using a PC I bought my first Apple Mac recently. I’ve had an iPhone for several years and wanted to enjoy the seamless sync between iPhone and laptop. The sync between my iPhone and the PC was cumbersome and sometimes unwieldy. You’d end up with duplicate names in the directory or missing calendar events.  So I took the plunge and bought the MacPro. Now I feel like I’m trying to learn a new language.

    For decades I used MS Outlook for our business communications. Now with my Mac I’m using Apple mail and calendar imbedded software which communicate flawlessly with my iPhone and that was the goal right? Yes!

    I’ve signed onto the iCloud with a big back up plan. Everything is talking with one another the iPhone the iPad the mac.  Its all very nice and so easy. My calendar is all synced up and my contacts list is all nice and neat.

    But MS Outlook is a much more powerful and useful program than Apple Mail and Calendar. I long for the flexibility and usefulness of Outlook. The Apple programs are very functional and work perfectly but there are many situations where they lack.

    For instance, there is no way to set a reminder on apple mail. If I want to remind myself to check back on a certain email and reply later, Apple mail doesn’t have this basic function. I still haven’t figured a work around other than the flag everything red and then keep going back to look at my flags.

    I’m sending out all these emails with incorrect small case letters because Apple Mail doesn’t spell check for small case letters for some reason? All my “i” come out as small case and incorrect.

    MS Outlook and Apple calendar do not talk between each other very well. Meeting announcements and invitations sometimes do not show up in my Apple mail Apple calendar. The meeting function in apple Calendar is primitive compared to outlook. There are virtually no options and the functionality is limited. So for a work around, I’m now running a parallel Outlook program on my mac and I invite myself to my own meetings using the Gmail address.

    And why am I getting birthday announcements on my calendar for people I only causally know?

    And why is it so hard to add a new contact to my contact list? In outlook it was simple – pointer to email address and click to add. Apple – its like three steps plus I have to manually add the contact information.

    It hasn’t been as simple and seamless as one would hope. Thinking about taking the plunge and leaving your corporate PC for the mac? Unless your entire office is Mac then you’ll be occasionally the odd man out.

    So I took my dear brother’s advice and googled “why do my “ I’s “ come out small case when using Apple mail and here is the reply I got:

    because Apple has most of its products, phones tablets and software that start with small letters despite being proper nouns, in Apple’s world it’s normal to use small letters for proper nouns and start sentences with small letters.

    You will have to get used to the shift button and get a bit slow on your typing. after some time you’ll get used to it.

    Dead end!

    I spent 2 hours trying to set reminders in apple mail. There was some reference to dragging your email into the reminder app. But I haven’t figured that out yet. I see other individuals are having the same problem with that same outcome –  There is no solution other than start running MS Outlook. OMG


    Update! May 3, 2016


    Ok, so now some positive news. There are many things to enjoy about the mac.  I like the hand gestures to control your screen. The battery life is exceptional.

    I’m getting a hang of it now after a month+. The calendar sync works marvelously. I place a new event in my iphone and it automatically appears on my computer.

    Last week I had a link’s conference which is basically microsoft’s online meeting console. Of course it wouldn’t run on my macbook. I downloaded MS Silverlight which is required to run the web meeting software but it wouldn’t work so I had to fall back and use my PC for this customer meeting. I think I need some additional software or app to run the Linc meeting software.

    I had to down load Flash software here too. I’m glad apple allowed flash to run on Mac’s.

    The whole on line meeting thing is still chaos. With my macbook online meetings are unreliable and hard to use and in no way near as good as PC.

    What are photo albums and are they of any benefit? Who knows? I can’t seem to figure them out. I’ve tried to set up an album but to no use.

    I figured out file name tags and they are handy since I’m not good at filing things, if I give items a tag then they make them easier to find via the finder app.

    Now for some really good news – With the help of my dear brother (my personal apple tech support) I’ve figured out the reminder for emails. I can now move my email into the reminder panel and put a date on it to follow up, hurray!


    Update! May 26, 2016


    After some more messing around I’ve got the online meeting services such as Microsoft Lync and Cisco WebEx working on my Mac. That was an important function that I needed to resolve.

    I’ve got the email reminder working too

    Everything is coming together now and I’m feeling better about the Mac. 

    The contact manager is not too good or powerful when compared to Outlook but we’ll have to live with that.

    The mac battery life is amazing. It will run all day on a charge.


    Update! October 2017


    OMG – Apple is terrible at basic business communication.  iMail or whatever they call it is terrible. iContact – equally miserable

    Every file save or search is an endless moras of key strokes and mouse clicks – about as intuitive as a root canal.

    Let’s talk about WINMAIL.DAT

    Or Outlook meetings that disappear

    Back to the email reminder – what took one click on Outlook takes like 3 minutes and five clicks and mouse tracks to set up a basic reminder. UGH

    What are all these lines on the side of my emails which I copy and paste effortlessly on Outlook and now struggle to even work on Apple iMail

    Oh yea, I forgot. Entire mailboxes that disappear on Apple iMail. Where did they go?

  • injection-molding-cleanroom-technicians

    The latest injection molding technologies

    The latest injection molding technologies.

    Miles Products is proud to have represented PTI Engineered Plastics for over 25 years. Their top-tier injection molding facilities, technology and capabilities are matched only by their total commitment to the highest quality manufacturing and customer service.

    PTI makes our job easier and our customers happier.

    Please see our new website page that highlights the breadth of injection molding services offered from design and engineering to prototyping and production.

  • Plastic Injection Molding Well-Explained.

    Bill Hammack, The Engineering Guy, does a great job explaining the plastic injection molding process with added interesting history of the technology thrown in!