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  • Structural Foam Molding Design Guide

    Introducing the Structural Foam Molding Design Guide

    Structural Foam Molding Design Guide. Loaded with specifications, illustrations and best practices to help you plan your next project. Download…

  • Outdoor Product

    Strong custom solutions for the automotive aftermarket.

    Miles Products is pleased to have been called upon by DECKED to be one of their manufacturing partners and help…

  • Gas Assisted Molding - Bosses and Ribs

    Gas assisted injection molding provides greater options for design and manufacturing of plastic parts.

  • 6600-Ton-Press-Announcement

    6600 Ton Press Coming Soon.

    Along with showing and discussing some of the structural foam molding projects we’ve completed for our customers, we also got…

  • NPE 2018 The Plastics Show

    Miles Products and 20/20 at NPE 2018

    Miles Products will be at the NPE2018: The Plastics Show along with the team of structural foam molding experts from…

  • Multi-Nozzle and Multi-Tools

    Structural Foam Molding – Multi-Nozzles = Multi-Options

    Multi-nozzles = Multi-options. Structural foam molding is similar to plastic injection molding except much larger parts can be produced. Multiple…